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When this alpha werewolf holds me close, he says it’s for my protection…

But his body tells another story.

As an undercover journalist it’s my job to unravel the lies he told.

He’s an arrogant billionaire alpha of his pack, single dad with a scorchingly hot body.

And he has the police on his side.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get the story,

Even if it means batting a few eyelashes at the silver-fox shifter.

The more we talk the more my feelings change from hate to love.

Now, I can’t get him off of my mind,

And I swear that my body is actually aching for his touch.

Bringing him down would make his child an orphan.

And my job is on the line.

Now, I must choose to reveal the truth about him in the story of the century or follow my heart.

A red-hot fire royal hates me because of my bloodline.

I am the lost princess of the Fire Kingdom, destined to be the most powerful of my kind.

My family has been at war with the Sigmas for centuries.

Now, Asher Sigma must teach me to control the flames coursing through my veins.

If only he can teach me to control the white-hot burning I have for him.

His loathsome scowl for me makes my body ache for him.

Fate forces us further together to thwart an ancient, evil force.

If we fail, the entire Enchanted Realm is doomed.

Fated Fire is a paranormal romance about 18+ college-aged students. Their powers are hot but the passion is hotter. You can expect enemies-to-lovers, good versus evil, fated mates, and secret royals with a happily ever after. This book is the first in a series but is its own standalone novella and can be read independently

I was supposed to fear dragons, not fall for a dragon-shifter.

I was stuck in a bad trade deal with the cursebringer when Alaric rescued me. But he wasn’t just a hard bodied shifter, his integrity won me over.

He showed me how the cursebringer was draining the dragons of their magic. It turned out that I held the key to saving them in my necklace.

Unlike the cursbringer, who wanted me only for my power. Alaric saw me for who I really am, the guardian of the dragons.

Could a human and a dragon-shifter be together?

My body ached for his touch, but our time together was short lived. The cursebringer found me.

Alaric and I were at a crossroad. My life and the fate of the dragons were on the line. Being together seemed impossible. Not being together would destroy them all.

Vendrick is my captor and savior, a man with darkness mirroring my own- fueling conflicting emotions. My instincts scream to despise him while an undeniable attraction sizzles between us.

Abducted and thrust into Sayah in the treacherous Dark Realm, I am forced to endure grueling training to awaken my latent “Light” powers.

They call me the “Chosen One,” yet they keep the true purpose shrouded in secrecy.

Vendrick unveils the dangers and injustices of Sayah. It ignites my unwavering resolve to train relentlessly and safeguard its innocent souls.

As we face mutual adversaries and delve deeper into Sayah's secrets, we must find a way to work together. Every moment I spend in Vendrick's presence, I risk surrendering my heart to him.

I'm trying to resist the allure of darkness and fulfill my destiny as the Chosen One. But love may lead me astray in a world of perilous seduction.

The fear in my fated mate's eyes stopped me in my tracks. And protecting her could cost me everything.

It started with an innocent bump in line that turned into a night of passion. I should focus on unifying my pack after the death of my father. 

Instead, I shift into my wolf to protect her from an attack in the park. Our eyes lock. Her fear compels me to stop before dominating those reckless wolves. 

Why did I let her fear stop me? My wolf reveals the truth… Bronwen’s my fated mate. 

Having never been pack, she has no idea what a moment of hesitation could cost me. She came to Port Ridge to solve a mystery she found in her father’s belongings. 

She tells me his name and I know fate isn’t done with us. I can help her solve this puzzle, but it could change our lives forever. 

When she learns the truth, will she ever forgive my family? Or will I watch her walk away before I can claim her as my mate?

The wolf-shifter biker gang is searching for me. My refuge is with a bad boy alpha enemy.

Capturing monsters is what I do. Being rescued by a grumpy shapeshifter was not in my plan for today.

The gang overpowered me with impossible magic. Now I’m hiding behind supernatural wards and forced to live in close proximity with my gorgeous rescuer.

I’m a Mage forbidden to love this hunky shapeshifter. So tell my heart to stop melting when his fierce, sizzling eyes meet mine.

I can’t deny our chemistry, or the hard questions between us.

I’m Daddy’s little girl and the bounty hunter he trained. How can I betray my own kind and keep my lover from the punishment imposed by the mage council?

My heart must open to this forbidden love or be fated to forever yearn for what I cannot have.

I’m facing a heartbreaking choice, and more lives than ours are at stake if I choose wrong.

Being Alpha is not a simple task and neither is being attracted to your brother’s ex.

Even though she’s off limits, I struggle to keep my hands off her.

I soon realized we are fated mates with the bond strengthening every day.

My attention should be on finding my missing brother and protecting the pack from the bloodthirsty bearshifters.

Now I’m burdened with proving myself to my mate.

Zoe is quiet and reserved at first, but she can’t hide her physical reactions.

She drops her guard with me, relaxing and desire glowing in her eyes at the same time.

My slightest touch quickens her pulse and her face flushes.

Anyone dumb enough to start a war with me has a death sentence.

I have even more to fight for now than ever.

I will protect what is mine even if I must sacrifice my life for hers.

The forbidden love of enemies, a Seelie Fae, and an Unseelie Shifter the fated protector of the child. 

The war between Fae and Shifters is a vicious fight. Aiden is an intimidatingly giant, strong male shifter with an alpha personality and a broad chest.

He is the fated protector of a forbidden human baby. He is the opposite of my quiet forest Fae. Both in and out of shift, he has me gasping and my heart racing. 

I want to trust this shifter despite him being my enemy. I can't tap down my desire for him. 

I live far away from the politics and drama of the Fae kingdom. V

icious evil fae and savage renegade shifters are lurking in my secluded forest. 

We are on the run, searching for the answers to why we are being hunted. 

I know he’s the forbidden enemy and the child’s protector, but is he my lover too?

Do no evil

I’ve made her my neighbor; I’ve made her my muse; and I will make her mine…

I dominate these dirty bayou streets. Soon, I will make a big splash in the music industry.

Kendis is the aloof bestie of my best friend’s little sister.

Everyone dances to my whim. Alive or dead. Except Kendis. Like tonight. I gave her the impression I am a gentleman, gentle I am not.

My taboo dealings may haunt us, but Kendis is mine to protect.

Sweet Kendis suspects my dodginess. If she could leave me, she would. Still, everyday, I want to make music with her body the way I do on my saxophone.

I just promised Kendis a forever I may be unable to deliver.

So tonight, I slink through shadowy streets. I detour down dark crossroads before searching out gifts to convince Kendis to stay.

I am taking my life into my hands, returning to my roots, but I may be in over my head bargaining with a powerful voodoo priestess. But, I’m running out of time…

Tomorrow, can I give Kendis a forever she deserves?

I never expected to save an entire mission and fall in love with my broody instructor. 

It was bad enough that I felt forced to join the Collectors like my parents, and theirs before them, as it always has been since the Apocalypse left the world a desert wasteland.

But then my hot AF instructor walks in. Maybe being a Collector won’t be so bad. Until he decides to follow me around, pointing out my every flaw. 

I save an entire mission using my wits instead of brute strength, and his admiration becomes clear - and his tough exterior softens. 

As we venture further into the unknown ruins of this post-apocalyptic world, our skills intertwine: my mind supporting his brawn, and somehow our hearts become intertwined as well. 

Handpicked for an elite team to capture powerful magicals that have fled to the mysterious Hidden Kingdom, we set off on our greatest adventure yet. 

An adventure fraught with danger that could mean the end of the world as we know it and the end of the only love I’ve ever known.

Being half-human in a werewolf pack is lonely.

Until my one night stand with the Alpha King.


He’s the jerk that has relentlessly teased me my whole life.

My step-brother’s best friend and my tormentor.

He considers me weak and unworthy.I consider him an arrogant prick.

But our bodies speak a language that I can’t deny.

I am fated to this man.

He is cursed and his survival may depend on me.

What’s a girl to do?

She’s a spoiled royal with magic powers she doesn’t understand and she’s testing the limits of my self-control.

The deal is simple:

I’m the most powerful mage in Ravencourt,

Bound by blood to serve her daddy, the Duke–a man I despise.

If I can tame her wild magic, I win my freedom.

The plan is break her quickly and move on.

Audrina is powerful, achingly beautiful…and lethal.

I cast hard and fight dirty.

Her innocence enchants me, then seduces me.

Her magic cuts through my defenses with ease–

Conquering even my hardened heart.

But our love is forbidden.

And time isn’t on our side.

Daddy dearest’s got plans to sell her to a rival faction,

Transforming her into a lethal weapon and unleash unholy hell.

I’m left with an impossible decision: kill her or kill us all.